Trained GErman Shepherd Protecting His Owner


Does your dog have what it takes to protect you and your family? It is a very good question as many believe, just because a dog is a specific guardian based breed that it will protect them. Sadly this is most often not the case, unless a dog has been trained to utilise its instincts and more importantly listen to commands then you have more of a liability that a protector. Whilst most guardian breeds provide a fantastic visual deterrent, it is comforting to know, should the worst happy and you need to call upon your dog for real, that they are trained to manage the situation in a controlled effective manner that can only come with correct training. 

Family Protection Trained Rottweiler With Child
German Shepherd Puppy In Training


Advanced K9 offer residential training courses at our Harlow training centre for clients dogs who have passed our suitability assessment and are looking for a faster more dedicated route towards becoming a fully trained family protector. For just £495 per week fully inclusive your dog will come to stay with our professional team and work on a daily basis with their assigned time served trainer to learn all the key skills required. 

All training starts with a solid grounding in obedience and environmental stability followed by training in standard or advanced protection depending on their own capability and your requirements. Most training is spread over a period of time allowing everything that has been learned to be practiced at home with the full support of your trainer before coming back for more training to build on what has already been set. 

Our friendly team can work with you to getting the very best out of your dog at a speed to suit your budget, situation and their age and capability. Contact us today to discuss your own personal requirements and we can look at course date availability.


As well as being market leading family protection dog trainers and suppliers, Advanced K9 also has a long standing reputation in supplying dogs to the police, military and service sectors as well as running our own team of skilled dog handlers.


If a residential course does not suit your situation, or you would simply prefer to be working one on one with your dog and our team so you can learn at the same rate as your dog, our one to one training course may well be the best option for you.


At just £100 per session, they are the perfect solution to those with the time on their hands to be part of the dogs journey, or for those who already own a trained dog to build on its training and development. Contact our friendly team today to discuss how we can help. 

Trained Protection Dog Belgian Malinois Biting