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Leading The UK Field For Over 10 Years

Advanced K9 Protection are one of the uk's leading suppliers of fully trained family and personal protection dogs. With 2 training centres based in key locations covering both the north and the south of england we are ideally located to help clients throughout the UK and beyond.


Here at Advanced K9 Protection we have over 20 dogs in training at any one time and as every dog is different, so is every customer. It is for this very reason that we do not list every one of our available dogs on our website. We encourage potential new owners to contact us direct by either email, phone or ideally by making a personal visit so we can ensure that we match the right dog to your own circumstances.


A no obligations chat allows us to understand in detail what you are looking for and advise you accordingly.

Family Protection Rottweiler Running


Advanced K9 Protection are one of the leading suppliers of family and personal protection dogs in the UK. With a solid background supplying fully trained dogs to the likes of David and Victoria Beckham, to training and handling dogs for the ITV show Release The Hounds our experience in the market is second to none and puts us in a strong position to exceed clients expectations at every level.


Phoning around you will find companies supplying protection dogs for £35,000 plus, aiming themselves at a celebrity market. Equally you will find those selling dogs out of their garden for £1500. At Advanced K9 we believe you get what you pay for but needn't pay too much.


We supply fully trained family and personal protection dogs to clients throughout Europe from family's and business owners to high net worth individuals and well known celebrities. We offer some of the best personal protection dogs available in the UK today. We believe you and your loved ones have the right to safety, and in today’s world, that means taking positive action. 


David Beckham Family Protection Dog Logan With Romeo Beckham

Advanced K9 family protection dog payment plans start at just £5995 dependant on training level, breeding and quality. Contact us today at our head office on 02382 500155 to go through your requirements and arrange an appointment for you and your family to come and meet some of our dogs in person.

Fully Trained Family Protection Dog German Shepoherd Sitting


At Advanced K9 Protection, we understand that bringing into your family, a fully trained adult protection dog can be a daunting prospect, especially one that is trained to bite ! ​

The reality is, protection dogs are selected with strict guidelines and the only dogs that go into our training program, are those that meet our exacting criteria. Any dogs that do not make the grade either before, or during training will not continue their journey to become and Advanced K9. 

Matching your own personal requirements with the ideal dog is one of our biggest priorities. Just because a dog is a certain breed, sex or age does not mean it will fit a specific slot and that is why we dont just supply dogs from stock, we also supply dogs to order when a clients requirements do not quite fit a dog we have in stock. 

There are a lot of pop ups arriving in the protection dog market offering dogs from their back garden trading from a fancy website. The Advanced K9 team have been leading the field for over 12 years and are confident that no matter your requirements, we can provide a cost effective quality solution that will not only bring your family joy, but bring you peace of mind for a lifetime. Contact our team today to discuss in more detail how we can help 

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